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It exits three types of game reserve in Kenya : the National Park, the National Reserve and the Private ranch.

What is a National Park ?
They are managed by the Kenya Wildlife Service and are exclusively set for the wildlife and environment conservation. Therefore, local people are not allowed to bring their cattle in the park. Visitors must respect the K.W.S. basic rules when you are in the park and, for most national parks, the Smartcard is needed to enter. Most famous national parks are Lake Nakuru N.P., Nairobi N.P., Aberdare N.P., Amboseli N.P. and Tsavo West/East N.P.

What is a National Reserve ?
They are managed by local council of the district/province. In the national reserve, local people are allowed to bring their cattle in the park and to shoot animals when attacked. Also, there are few restrictions in the reserve and it is common to see minibuses going off-track or doing night safari despite the fact they damage the environment. Smartcard are not needed to enter. Most famous national reserves are Maasai Mara N.R., Samburu N.R. and Bogoria N.R.

What is a Private Ranch ?
They are managed by local communities. These ranches have usually less animals but because the area is fenced and there is less tourist, there is possibility to mix with local people and spot animals or do unusual activities - such as walking, horse/camel riding, rafting, hiking, climbing. Most famous ranches are located around Laikipia, Naivasha, Taita hills and Tsavo N.P.
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