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Who doesn't know "Jambo bwana", "Hakuna matata" and "Simba" from "The Lion King"... All tourists are welcomed by these words spoken in all East Africa and this language of long history. Did you know that kiswahili is over 6th centuries old.

Go through the basic and see our :
-Pronunciation section.
-Dictionary section.
-Grammar section and

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Welcome to the Kiswahili section where easy and practical online resources have been developed to facilitate the learning of this magic and popular language. This is the place to go to understand, learn or improve your Kiswahili.

Our pronunciation section is the first step to pronounce correctly Kiswahili words. This small section is a must to communicate with Swahili people and audio files we be implemented to help you get the right pronunciation straight away.

Our Kiswahili-English dictionary, which counts now more than Unable to count