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THROUGH MAASAI LAND by Joseph Thompson
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        "We have a spectacle which in certain aspects is as impressive as Kilimanjaro itself, though the mountain adds tot he solemnity of the effect as it towers heavenward.

        "Conceive yourself standing in the centre of the plain. In your immediate vicinity there is not a blade of grass to relieven the barren aspect of the damp muddy sand which, impregnated with various salts, is unfavourable to the growth of any vegetation.

        "Here and there, however, in the horizon, are to be detected a few sheets of water, surrounded by rings of green grass, and a few straggling trees or scrubby bushes. Other green patches of tall waving sedges and papyrus mar the position of various marshes.

        "These ponds and marshes indicate springs of fresh water which here well forth, loaded with salts in solution, to deposit their burden on the evaporation.

        "In spite of the desolate and barren aspect of the countryside, game is to be seen in marvelous abundance. The giraffe, fit denizen of such a region, appears against the horizon like some unearthly monster, or browses among the trees and bushes. The wildebeest, imp-like and fierce in appearance, frisks with uncouth movements, or speeds with stiff ungainly gallops across the natron plain.

        "Zebras in long lines pace leisurely along from some distant pasture ground. Hyenas slink home from their meal of carrion. Lions, satisfied with the night's venture, express their sense of repletion with reverberating roars.

        "The inquiry that naturally arises to one's mind is how can such enormous numbers of large game live in this extra-ordinary desert?"

Reference : " 40 Circuits in Kenya " by Philippe Oberlé (1991)
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